Wedding Dresses with Color are Amazing

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Wedding dresses with color? We all know wedding dresses are traditionally some shade of white.  But does it have to be that way? 

Well, it's your special day.  You can choose white or ivory if you want, but you shouldn't feel forced to make that choice simply because of tradition. 

Instead, you can wear a predominantly white, ivory or champagne wedding gown but add a pop of color by choosing one of the available wedding dresses with color accents in your favorite shade. 

If you want to depart from tradition even more, you can find solid-color wedding dresses in pastel or vibrant shades of any color of the rainbow. 

As a result of all these choices for wedding dresses with color, white wedding gowns are still popular, but they are no longer required or expected.  So, why limit yourself to a shade of white when you're free to express your individuality by using color?

It Seem Unusual

Yes, white is traditional, and because of that tradition, many people picture brides always wearing white wedding dresses.  Most of them don't realize, however, that the tradition of wearing white has only existed for a little more than 170 years. 

It began when Britain's Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding in 1840.  And wearing white isn't traditional at all in certain Eastern cultures.  For example, wedding dresses with color are common in Asia.  In India, China and Vietnam, wedding gowns are often a vivid red because that color is considered lucky. 

White wedding dresses are only traditional in Western culture, and even that tradition is fairly recent.  Before Queen Victoria, brides wore wedding dresses with color that varied with their social standing. 

All of this means that white wedding dresses aren't so traditional after all.

Your Story

Choosing a beautiful wedding dress plays an important role in making your dream wedding a reality. 

Today's women are more independent than women from the past, and many no longer feel compelled to simply go along with old traditions, including their choices for wedding gowns. 

Instead, women today are buying colorful wedding dresses to help them make statements about their individuality and personal style. 

You can take a relatively small fashion step and accent your white wedding dress with a subtle hint of color. 

You might consider a colored neckline, hem, sash or bow, or perhaps colored beading or embroidery.  Wedding dresses with color inset panels are a slightly bolder fashion statement.  But full-color wedding gowns are even bolder yet, and becoming more and more popular with today's brides. 

No matter how you do it, if you decide you don't want to stay with a strictly traditional shade of white, you can find a way to put color to work and create the stunning wedding dress of your dreams.

Brides who dare to be a bit different by choosing wedding gowns with color might find their greatest challenge to be choosing the right color.  You can base your color decision using one of several criteria, including:

  • The season - for example, spring brides frequently choose pastel colors such as lilac, light blue or pale pink. Wedding gowns for summer weddings are often deeper shades of the same colors. For a fall wedding, yellow, gold or orange wedding dresses are popular. Winter brides often make bold fashion statements, contrasting the white of winter's ice and snow with deep red or a vibrant shade of navy.

  • How bold you want to be - obviously, pastels such as a beautiful pale pink will add color, but pastels do it more subtly than deep, vibrant hues.

  • Your wedding's theme - for example, sea green, a clear blue or a sandy-colored taupe can be the ideal choice for wedding dresses with color for beach weddings. Emerald green or a beautiful, jewel-like red might be the perfect choice for a wedding during the Christmas season.

  • Your personal preferences - everyone has their own favorite colors, but certain colors will complement your skin tone and hair better than others. You can make a list of your personal favorites and then experiment to determine which one best complements your hair color and skin tone. Remember that white does not work well with some skin tones.

Although white is currently the traditional color for wedding gowns in Western culture, wedding dresses with color are beautiful and can add a distinct dash of panache.

And, you never know - they're so beautiful they might even become the new wedding dress tradition.

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