Go For The Very Informal Wedding Dress

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Pomp and circumstance are not for everyone. What does the idea of a very informal wedding dress mean to you?

For some couples, the celebration of their wedding represents a time to concentrate only on memorializing their love.

If this is your belief, your intention is to say your vows in front of your higher power and your closest family and friends.

You do not want the trappings and upheaval that come as part and parcel of a fancy, formal wedding.

There are more reasons than just the preference for simplicity. More than ever, brides are opting for casual weddings and a very informal wedding dress. Let's look at the key reasons: 

  • Money often comes up as a primary reason. With formal wedding gowns costing in the thousands, some women prefer to wear simpler, less expensive gowns and put the money toward their future. 

  • Short engagements mean that there is little time to plan for fancy weddings. 

  • Exotic honeymoon locations pose a dual effect on the choice of a gown. First, travel plans might call for an informal wedding dress that the bride can wear to the honeymoon destination. Second, relating to costs again, some brides to prefer to spend the money on the honeymoon rather than the dress. 

  • When the wedding is the second time around for either the bride or the groom, some family cultures dictate a less conspicuous celebration of the union. 

  • Maybe you're choosing an unusual venue for your wedding -the beach, a park, or some other building special to you and your fiancé, and the formal look just doesn't fit in. 

Stunning Short white wedding Dresses

Regardless of the reasons, you are the bride who wants a very informal wedding dress.

You long to keep things simple and casual. Your vows and your intended spouse are more important to you than anything else.

Relaxation will be the word of the day. You, your groom, and your family and friends will be able to appreciate one another more fully.

Even if all those things are true, it remains absolutely possible to find just the right very informal wedding dress that accentuates your best features and makes you feel beautiful, for the most important day of your life!

You might be surprised to realize that the features of a very informal wedding dress are very similar to those of the fanciest gowns.

They're just tweaked a little for the sake of simplicity.

  • Maybe you prefer a shorter dress. Some informal wedding dresses are tea length or shorter. Handkerchief hems work beautifully. Many women even prefer knee length -with skirts that are either sheath-style or swirly. One of these means you also have a gown that you can enjoy wearing the next time you go to a special party!

  • Full-length skirts also work for casual styles. Most informal wedding dresses avoid the princess silhouette. And you won't see trains -at least, nothing more than just a brush of fabric behind you. One truly informal look is the crinkled broomstick skirt, gypsy style. You can also choose from something long and sweeping, made of a lightweight polyester cotton blend or from rayon gauze. Or, if you're just going a step below traditional, perhaps you'd prefer a simple A-line halter dress that reaches the floor -made from softly draping satin.

  • The optimal informal gown design feels lightweight and airy. That means two things -more carefree fabrics and fewer embellishments. You don't want something that will make you feel encased by ruffles and ribbons or weighed down with crystals and beading.

  • For your fabric, we've already talked about a cotton or gauze tiered or gypsy-style skirt. But you can still use your favorite traditional fabrics. The trick is to avoid combinations of fabrics. You won't have a satin sheath and a tulle overlay, for example. But you will still see matte satins, chiffon, or taffeta. Have you considered polyester? Today's manufacturers do an excellent job mimicking elegant fabrics that could never withstand the same exposure to the elements as polyester. That's got to be a vital consideration if you're having an outdoor wedding or traveling in your dress.

  • Because the appliqués, beading, and crystals on the gown are simplified, look for something that decorates with thin satin strips or lacy ribbons. You might prefer something that ties off on one shoulder or in the back so that it self decorates without other ornamentation. With decreased accessorizing on the dress, you will love the halters we already talked about. Keyholes in the back are popular. Many informal wedding dresses offer graceful fabric braids along the back or side.

  • What about the use of color? You can still have the traditional white, especially if you are opting for a satin or chiffon dress. Many brides prefer a pastel look. And if you want a floral pattern, go for it!

  • Headdresses change from long veils to chin-length. How about going without a veil? Lace caps speak to long-ago days of simple traditions. Flowers fastened to combs accentuate your own beauty without overpowering. Or imagine an elegant bejeweled barrette fastened to the side of your hair. Some brides simply choose to go bareheaded.

  • With your very informal wedding dress, select your shoes carefully. Strappy sandals or sling-back heels go well with some of the short white wedding dresses we've talked about.

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