Unusual Wedding Dresses

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Looking for unusual wedding dresses? How do you want people to describe your wedding?

Some people think of words like sophisticated, elegant, or amazing.

Their weddings are all about romance and beauty.

But others want to use the opportunity of their wedding to express their inner selves, and they dream about adjectives like extraordinary, unconventional, unique, or vanguard.

You're reading this page because those descriptors fit you!

We have suggestions you can incorporate into your plans to design some unusual wedding dresses around who you are and what's important to you.

Are You a Character?

If you've admired the beauty and style of Marilyn Monroe all your life, you can steal her thunder and make it part of your wedding day.  What she wore when she married baseball hero Joe DiMaggio was almost businesslike -just a suit. 

But to capture her essence at your wedding, if you've got the hair and the figure, look for some unusual wedding dresses, like a white halter style dress with a plunging neckline.  A wide-banded waistline adds to the look. 

Check out photos of Marilyn in other outfits, too -in many of her movies she wore something shimmery or glittery, with dangling earrings and faux white fur for emphasis. Remember, this is the girl that sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."  Do it up in style! 

Or go back in time with some very unusual wedding dresses, and dress like an Egyptian.  Cleopatra captured the heart of Julius Caesar, and after his death she moved on to Marc Antony.  Legend has it that when Caesar conquered Egypt, she bade her servants to roll her up into a sumptuous tapestry, which they deposited at Caesar's feet.  When the tapestry was unrolled, she stood up in a diaphanous gown trimmed in gold and glitter. 

Wear a custom-made, floor length pleated white gown made of finest silk, caught at the waist with a gold chain and trimmed with Swarovski crystals.  Around your neck you'll have a "usekh" -a wide collar made of gold beading, turquoise, and coral. Wear copper armbands and a band around your head that trails crystals into your hair.

As an option, maybe you are thinking of some royal-style yet cheap medieval wedding dresses and their according authentic settings.

You can be an entirely different queen if you dress like Marie Antoinette.  Her unusual wedding dresses were like gold and made of Duchess silk or beaded brocade.  Just watch Sophia Coppola's movie to get a feel for the style of the day:  Feathers and fans, hair piled up with curls dangling and decorated with butterflies or flower trinkets, all of these are a must!

Do You Belong to Another Era?

Perhaps you admire the Hollywood starlets of the thirties and forties. Look for a vintage gown made of slinky satin with a while fur stole. Wear gold or silver slippers and a magnolia hair clip.

Visit a website that sells old fashioned wedding dresses, antique or vintage gowns; you will find an era that calls out to you. Dress in Chantilly lace in an elegant Victorian fashion, full of frills and tiers, from the 1900s. Imagine yourself in a flapper dress of ecru velvet and black silk.

Celebrate the Forties in a pink chiffon-over-taffeta gown, with the skirt draping in twelve separate sections.

Step into the Fifties in a taffeta gown of chameleonic blue/green, depending on the light-imagine a gathered waist and a skirt that you can wear with or without crinolines. The skirt picks up twice in the front with two luscious flowers.

Maybe you want to step out of avante garde France of the Seventies, in a peasant-style, floor length, flowing dress designed by Yves St. Laurent.

At the time of this writing, all these unusual wedding dresses were available for sale on an antique dress website; and if you can't find something like them, then be assured you will find the dress that's meant just for you, to wear when you walk down the aisle. No one will look lovelier.

Celebrate Who You Are

Would you like to honor Nature or native tradition? Then an American Indian wedding dress can be something for you.

Maybe you feel at home in the parks or mountains, or at the edge of the ocean. If you decide to get married in a wooded area, choose a tea-length gown that features soft earth tones or leafy greens. Long, lavish gowns can look a little overdone in a wooded clearing or on the outcrop of an ocean cape.

Use flowers extensively, in your hair and among your decorations.

Maybe you love one of the holidays...you can put together a wedding themed around your favorite time of the year with just a little effort. Commission a gown like those worn by Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney at the end of the movie "White Christmas."

Dress in elegant black lace in celebration of Halloween. On other pages of this website, you'll find ideas for Gothic, Victorian, and even fairy weddings.

Be Yourself

No matter what you decide, choose fabrics that feel good to you.

Be certain your gown fits you correctly, even if your choosing a camouflage wedding dress.

Your wedding day will speed by in a blur, but you don't want to be distracted because you chose a dazzling but uncomfortable gown.

You will never throw another party in your life like the one you are planning now, so be certain that it expresses exactly who you are!

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