Shiny Silver Wedding Dresses are Cool

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At first blush, you might think silver wedding dresses could be too garish or coldly metallic to wear at romantic weddings. 

Truthfully, however, silver dresses are usually perceived as providing a rich, regal aura that is actually warmer and livelier than their cooler white cousins.  And as you're walking down the aisle, no white gown will shimmer with quite the same loveliness as silver.

Although they are clearly considered to be less traditional than snowy white gowns adorned by lace, embroidery, beading and other typical embellishments, wedding dresses in silver nonetheless provide a very formal, classic appearance - with a contemporary twist. 

Think of a wedding dress in silver as a slightly less traditional way of making brides look their best while standing out as being a bit different.

There's no doubt that shimmering silver wedding dresses can be truly magnificent.  They feature many of the same styles as traditional white wedding gowns, but choosing to wear one of the stunning silver wedding dresses that are available will give you a unique look and set you apart from other brides in a way that's not over-the-top. 

Depending on the type of effect you're looking for, the fabric and particular shade of silver you choose can make your gown look ultra-traditional or more modern and contemporary.

More and more brides who dare to be a bit different are discovering the virtues of a silver wedding dress.  You could actually consider them as falling into the same category as champagne-colored gowns:  both silver and champagne are considered wedding colors, and gowns made in those colors definitely look like wedding dresses, but both are distinctly different than the more traditional white.

Your wedding day will probably be the most important day in your life, and the gown you wear during the ceremony should make you look your best.  There's no need to be bound by strict tradition in today's modern world. 

A wedding dress in silver is perfect for brides who don't want to be strictly traditional but still want to wear a drop-dead gorgeous gown.  Your wedding dress should make you feel like a princess, and if you have the right skin tones to wear silver, there's no reason to avoid it. 

In fact, if you're looking for ways to make your wedding stand out from all the others, a silver gown could be the ideal way to personalize the tone of your special day.

Although they might look somewhat out of place in an outdoor wedding, a silver wedding dress might be particularly appropriate for fall and winter weddings, especially those being held near or during the Christmas season. 

Colors richer than simple white, including shimmering, regal silvers, are able to provide a warm atmosphere for your ceremony despite colder outside temperatures.  In addition, silver also provides a wonderful contrast to red and green, the traditional Christmas colors.

With their rich, shimmering silver and air of urban sophistication, these beautiful gowns might also be perfect for evening weddings held in the city.   

You can accessorize them beautifully by wearing complementary silver jewelry, including silver bangles, a silver pendant and silver drop or stud earrings. Or, you might prefer to add a dash of contrast by wearing jet or ebony jewelry.

You might also consider completing your silver theme by exchanging white gold or platinum wedding rings with your groom.

Silver can make your wedding elegant in a way that few other colors are capable of doing. And, if your bridesmaids wear dresses that are a very deep color such as navy, your dress will truly pop in person as well as in your wedding videos and photographs.

Think about considering one of the stunning silver wedding dresses that many bridal shops, salons and boutiques now offer. Your wedding will be just a touch different in a distinctive, beautiful way.

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