Short White Wedding Dress On The Go

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Why a short white wedding dress? Traditionally, wedding gowns are floor-length, white, ivory or champagne-colored dresses and are quite formal. But informal weddings are becoming more popular, and the less formal the wedding,

Shorter dress are the trend

Many brides now wear wedding dresses with less formal styles than traditional wedding gowns.  Informal or even casual wedding dresses are available in an assortment of colors and lengths. 

The rising popularity of beach and other destination weddings is probably at least partially responsible for the large number of brides who now wear short wedding dresses.  Informal short dresses are much more comfortable to wear during a hot summer wedding, no matter where it's being held. 

And, they are perfect for ceremonies held in gardens or on tropical beaches with the sun beating down.  They are also much easier to deal with for destination weddings, because they require a lot less luggage space and are easier to pack than traditional, floor-length gowns.

There's no need to feel compelled to wear a traditional, full-length white formal dress.  Now, brides wear wedding dresses ranging from long, formal gowns to shorter, more casual styles.  Short white wedding dresses come in a variety of flattering lengths and styles, and in addition to being easier to pack and cooler, they have several advantages over more traditional gowns.

To begin with, short white wedding dresses are available in different designs and hem lengths, so you don't need to sacrifice beauty or style.  You'll be able to choose from flowing, feminine A-line designs, slim, fitted skirts that flatter your figure, and short ball gowns with full, pouf skirts. 

Tea length dresses, where the hem falls slightly below the knee, are becoming a popular trend in the wedding gown fashion industry.  Knee length and above-the-knee short white wedding dresses are also available.  Although any of these lengths can be pretty, you might want to avoid an overly sexy micro-mini wedding dress.

Short white wedding dresses are also exceptionally easy to find.  For example, your favorite wedding gown designer probably offers a collection of short dresses you can choose from.  To name just a couple of examples, you're in luck if you love the creations of Alfred Angelo or Vera Wang. 

And, in many cases, dress designers offer a destination wedding dress collection which includes shorter-length dresses.  However, if you're interested in short white wedding dresses, there's no need to buy your dress from a wedding gown designer (unless you want to!). 

When you want a shorter hemline, white cocktail dresses open up a whole new world of additional possibilities for your perfect wedding dress.  And, because they're not necessarily intended to be wedding dresses, white cocktail dresses are often much less expensive than the wedding dresses sold in bridal shops, boutiques and salons.  This option allows you to buy a beautiful wedding dress for possibly hundreds of dollars less.

A short wedding dress won't have a train, so it will be much easier to walk in comfortably and safely.  It also probably won't have a wide, puffy skirt like the gown Cinderella wore at the ball where she met Prince Charming.  Both these characteristics will make it easier for you to walk around and dance at your reception before you change out of your dress into something more casual.

Short white wedding dresses can be just as elegant and sophisticated as their longer cousins.  They might be white, but they can be far from plain, boring and forgettable. 

It's easy to dress up a short white dress so it becomes something highly memorable. Simply embellish it with some embroidery, a few beads or a beautiful belt.

Give it just a pop of color, however - it's a short dress, and you don't want to overwhelm it with too many sequins or beads.

You can accessorize your dress with jewelry, but keep your accessories sleek, simple and elegant.

Depending on which neckline you choose (scooped, low-cut, sweetheart and so on), you can add a pearl necklace or diamond pendant to provide the perfect touch.

Wear matching dangle or stud earrings and perhaps a simple silver bangle on your wrist.

By choosing the right one from among all the short white wedding dresses that are available on the market, you'll be a beautiful, cooler, more comfortable bride on your wedding day.

And, you might even save a great deal of money! Long, formal gowns are no longer a required tradition.

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