Old Fashioned Wedding Dresses Are Back

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Old fashioned wedding dresses are back in style. Those in the know say wedding dresses represent the pinnacle of a dress designer's creativity.

Well, today's wedding gown fashion trends include stepping back into time as well as breaking new ground by forging ahead.  In addition to creating wedding gowns that are fashion-forward, more and more designers are creating old-fashioned wedding dresses which hearken back to the past. 

Many evoke the demure, modest allure of the old fashioned wedding dresses of more than a century ago, while others take their design cues from more recent periods.

A wealth of historically-inspired, old fashioned wedding dresses awaits brides-to-be at bridal shops and boutiques.  Some stunning designs feature the elegant simplicity and slim silhouettes that are reminiscent of gowns popular during the 1920s and 1930s.  

Others, however, feature huge pouf sleeves, abundant lace, bustles, petticoats and skirts with flounces and frilled hemlines.  Either way, these gorgeous gowns impart a sense of nostalgia.  And, they can be very sexy, although it's usually done in a very modest way.

Old fashioned wedding dresses are taking the bridal gown world by storm.  Wearing an old-style wedding dress might not sound appealing at first, but you'll realize how truly magnificent they are as soon as you see some. 

Contemporary Fashion

For example, a recent runway show at world-renowned designer Carolina Herrera featured some simply gorgeous gowns.  The design of each of the old fashioned wedding dresses in this collection was inspired by a specific famous woman from the past.  Each gown was exquisite in its own unique way.

For example, a strapless ballroom-style gown was as classy as the woman who inspired it - Princess Grace (Grace Kelly).  Despite an off the shoulder design and an alluring bodice, the gown exuded modesty and romance, assisted by its traditionally-cut ballroom skirt.  It was accessorized by long white opera gloves.

At the same show, Carolina Herrera displayed a simply stunning, elegant bridal gown inspired by Meryl Streep's portrayal of Isak Dinesen in the film "Out of Africa."  Streep's performance was a tour de force, and so was this marvelous gown.  Designed with the long, elegant lines that were so popular during the Art Deco era in the ‘20s and ‘30s, this gorgeous gown could make any bride look her best. 

Another sleek gown at the show was created to pay homage to Martha Graham, the fabulous choreographer.  It featured an unusual but beautiful neckline and a fairly basic bodice and skirt, accented perfectly by an ornate silver belt.

Jane Austen was the inspiration behind an amazing black and white bridal gown at the Carolina Herrera show.  Another gown featuring a strapless off the shoulder design, its empire-cut bodice and beautiful silhouette provided a distinctly 19th century feel.  The black, floral-design accents on the gown's predominantly white bodice and skirt were an added touch that can only be described as exquisite. 

And we all know how effective an empire waist can be when you want to conceal some unwanted pounds around your middle.

The controversial but renowned artist Frida Kahlo was yet another historical woman "represented" at Carolina Herrera.  The fanciful dress she inspired featured abundant flounces, embroidery and embellishments.  It was richly accessorized with a beautiful shawl and colorful hat and shoes. 

Another painter, Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun, was the inspiration for a multi-colored dress which used shimmering pastels to great effect.  Although this gown was strapless, its bustle and pleats in the back made it look like something from 100 years ago.  Its primary embellishment was a spectacular, large feathered hat worn on an appealing angle.

These gorgeous gowns are just a small sample of the stunning old-fashioned wedding dresses that are available for today's brides to choose from.  You'll want the perfect wedding gown, so make sure you select a design and fabric that suits not just your budget, but your personal taste, figure and wedding location as well.

Old-fashioned wedding dresses are available in many designs, fabrics and colors.

For example, you can find old-fashioned wedding dresses with long sleeves, but short sleeves and sleeveless gowns are additional possibilities.

Likewise, you can find strapless, off the shoulder designs with low-cut bodices, but you can also choose from gowns with different necklines, including high, portrait or bateau necks.

Each of these necklines will give your gown an old-fashioned and very romantic touch.

The fabric and embellishments of your wedding dress are also something to consider.

If you're looking for an old-fashioned effect, you'll need to avoid skin-tight fabric as well as sequins, spangles and other glittery embellishments. Lace, silk and organdy are both beautiful and timeless.

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