Nontraditional Unique Wedding Dresses

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Looking for nontraditional unique wedding dresses? What if you're a little different than most brides?

Many women daydream while they are paging through popular bridal magazines, looking at amazing wedding gowns made from expensive fabrics with exquisite trimmings.

There's only one thing wrong:  When you get right down to it, they're really all alike!

In this day and age, it's entirely possible and totally wonderful to wear something different and even outrageous on your wedding day. 

Remember that the key to how you look on your wedding day is wearing something that makes you feel beautiful.

It's not about stepping into a cookie-cutter gown.  It's about your own statement of self expression.

Let's look at some great ideas...

Vintage and Nontraditional Unique Wedding Dresses

Have you always felt that you really belonged to another time period?  Maybe you've always imagined yourself as a flapper from the 1920s. 

Or perhaps you've discovered the allure of movie melodramas from the Fifties...what could be better than looking like Douglas Sirk dressed you?

The Roaring Twenties' fashions were best suited for slender, boyish figures. Necklines dropped low, generally rounded, with arms bared and the waistline at the level of the hip.

Look up images on your computer of a few Hollywood greats to get the idea -Clara Bow or Norma Talmadge.  The gaiety of a flapper dress takes on real glamour when it's made from slinky champagne mesh with silk embroidery and Egyptian-style beading. 

Or imagine something made from tulle hand-beaded with sapphire or emerald seed pearls.  To complete the look wear an elegant swash of fabric tied around your head or even turban-style headgear.  Carry several beribboned Birds of Paradise as your bouquet.

Going for nontraditional unique wedding dresses of the Fifties?  Women loved fashion in the Fifties, because designer clothes became affordable -well, for at least some women.  Whether they were designer-label or not, fashions emphasized bust and hip lines; fur topped satin; and elegant stoles draped to the floor. 

Women all over the world took a collective gasp in 1956, when Grace Kelly, America's princess, captured the royal heart of the Prince of Monaco. Her wedding gown was made from antique lace, twenty-five yards of silk taffeta, and almost a hundred yards of tulle!

Color and Fabric of Nontraditional Unique Wedding Dresses

Stay with the traditional styling of today's beautiful gowns...but do it in color! Most wedding boutiques are equipped to outfit not only the attendants but also debutantes.

Look at your wedding as your "coming out" party -a luxury that young ladies of privilege used to enjoyed as a matter of custom.

Choose a rich, lustrous Duchess satin in an enchanting shade of royal blue with Swarovski crystal accessories...wear peacock feathers in your hair and in your bouquet.

Silver or gold make elegant statements for today's brides. What's more thrilling or sexy than gold lamé draping to the floor, cinched at the waist by pearls?

Or choose a more traditional gown with a halter-style bodice made from lace and a light silver skirt floating to the floor. What an impact!

Hemlines and Skirts

You don't have to go full length. In fact, for an outdoor wedding, something that stops short of the ground will be more comfortable and stay cleaner throughout your day.

Handkerchief skirts flatter women with even short, stubby legs, and they swirl amazingly while you dance!

Choosing an uneven skirt or something that doesn't reach the floor lets you show your ankles, or use the opportunity to work a great pair of shoes.

Try something with a tube or pencil skirt, with a length that reaches to the ankle. It will look great if you're equipped with a full bosom and plenty of curves.

Imagine the drama of pairing it with a satiny bodice, with full flowing sleeves, or even bolero-style shoulders and sleeves.

Textures of Nontraditional Unique Wedding Dresses

Maybe you're all about mixing fabrics for textures that tell who you are. Put nontraditional fabrics to work demonstrating an important aspect of your personality.

If you are strongly into nature you can opt for natural silks and linens in greens and blues, using your favorite flowers to tie the look together.

What if you're really into green-being ecologically green, that is. Bamboo fabric is available, but the jury is still out on whether it's ecologically sound. Some critics write that processing requires the same amount of chemicals as artificial fabrics like rayon.

Others insist that it's much easier on the environment to grow bamboo than cotton. Many people simply stay with natural cottons or silks that honor the earth on their special day. A knitted viscose, no matter what the fiber, offers comfort and beauty.

The Non-Dress

Perhaps you're really into nontraditional unique wedding dresses like pants suits.

If that's what you prefer, then why force yourself into a dress on your wedding day? You can find beautiful, elegant styling.

Look for a bodice that will really showcase your assets. Choose something made of lace, or find a sexy bustier.

Long after the wedding's over, you can wear it when you're out on the town!

Express Yourself

No matter what you decide, select something that makes you feel comfortable -it's going to be a long day!- as well as fascinating.

Even if you don't normally opt for total glamour, you don't want to be upstaged by guests on the one day when it's your turn to shine.

If you find something that's unique and nontraditional, but you're not certain how to pull it off, consult a stylist.

  • Look for one at your local day spa.
  • Get ideas from the dress boutique.
  • See what the florist has to say.

Go with something that's uniquely you, like for instance a stylish yet modest wedding dress.

Consider the option of nontraditional unique wedding dresses, and at the same time dazzle all your guests.

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