Moroccan Wedding Dress and Context

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Explore Moroccan wedding dress options and traditions for your big day. Many people have heard of Morocco, but you may not necessarily be familiar with the country itself or its many customs.

The truth is that Morocco is one of the most beautiful places in North Africa, and weddings are just as big of a deal there as in any other place in the world.

On a bride's wedding day, friends and family gather to have a large celebration full of festive events and fun. For the bride to be that wants her wedding to be a true event this culture may have many hints and traditions that you may want to borrow.

Part of the grandeur of a Moroccan wedding is the fact that the entire process can take as long as seven days. Many different pre-wedding activities and ceremonies happen prior to the big day. Many of these ceremonies involve presents being sent to the bride. In general, if the grooms parents are well off they will send their daughter in law to be beautiful clothing, fragrant perfumes, and stunning golden jewelry.

Another pre wedding tradition occurs two days prior to the wedding day. The bride to be, her female family and friends go to visit a Moroccan Hamam, which is a sauna. The goal of this visit is to purify them prior to the bride's big day. Additionally during this ceremony the bride's friends will sing traditional songs for her.

Another common ceremony that you commonly see associated with Moroccan weddings occurs when the bride has henna applied to her hands and feet. For this event, a professional Henna artist will meet with a bride and will draw traditional symbols and designs on her hand and feet.

However, the bride is not the only one who is adorned with henna artistry. In fact, all of her female friends and relatives also have henna art drawn on them for the big day. It is believed that this henna art will bring luck to the bride and groom as they enter their new life together.

On the wedding day, Moroccan tradition states that song and dance should start the wedding. The bride is paraded in front of her guests, but before she can get to this point, she needs a proper Moroccan wedding dress.

In Morocco, brides traditionally wear kaftans, and this is what you might want to look at to help inform your bridal style. Moroccan brides can wear as many as 7 Kaftans during the wedding ceremony and each kaftan is paired with coordinating jewelry. For the bride who loves fashion and change this may be the perfect option.

Moroccan wedding kaftans are really quite beautiful, and there is a great deal of variety in their designs so that each bride can find their perfect outfit. There is a lot of variety when it comes to color. You can find traditional Moroccan wedding caftans in gorgeous white silks, but you are not limited to only white.

In Morocco, it is completely appropriate to wear a variety of colors. You can have a vibrantly colored kaftan or you may choose a kaftan that has a variety of colors in different layers. Additionally, these kaftans typically have lots of beadwork and embroidery on it.

Once you find the perfect wedding kaftan you need to find the perfect coordinating jewelry. Typically, in Morocco brides wear very opulent and luxurious jewelry that coordinates to their wedding kaftans. In the Moroccan culture, it is not about simplicity. Instead, the goal is to have your jewelry and your kaftan look as luxurious and opulent as possible.

Everyone has different bridal styles and if you are not someone who wants to go with the traditional bridal style of a big fluffy white princess gown you have other options.

Perhaps you can draw some ideas from traditional Moroccan customs and styles for your big day. With a Moroccan wedding dress you do not have to shy away from color or detail.

Additionally, you can embrace your love of accessories so that you look like a princess on your big day. If you choose for a Moroccan wedding dress in style you are guaranteed that you will be a vision as you walk down the aisle to meet your groom.

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