The Modest Wedding Dress Can Combine Style and Modesty

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Looking for a modest wedding dress? Getting married is an exciting event most girls plan for from the time they are old enough to talk. They plan their party, the ceremony and of course their wedding dress.

What many girls plan for though is a wedding dress, one that fits their culture, their personality or their religious beliefs. A unpretentious wedding dress doesn’t have to look plain or lack in style or personal flair.

Face facts, weddings happen at all seasons and even if a girl is relatively comfortable with current fashion trends, too much exposure is cold. A wedding dress with a higher neckline, long sleeves and beautiful detailing can make that once in a lifetime day a warm experience, not a drafty one, likely to lead to pneumonia.

Some girls are simply naturally modest and are uncomfortable with too much bare skin. They would not normally choose clothing which features a plunging neckline or daring back.

For these brides to be choosing the standard wedding dress might make them personally uncomfortable. There is no reason they can’t select a modest wedding dress just as dazzling as any movie star’s but more fitted to their personality.

Cultural restrictions also play a part in what a bride to be and her future husband may feel comfortable with her wearing. Wedding dresses which expose too much are considered tasteless in some cultures. Not only is the bride likely to be uncomfortable in a standard wedding dress, but her family may not be comfortable either.

Certain religions require brides to wear wedding dresses in a modest way. The LDS (Latter Day Saints) church encourages young ladies to remain modestly covered at all times including their wedding day. When this is a factor it is likely the bride to be would be very uncomfortable in a dress which doesn’t cover her properly.

However, there are some myths about the unpretentious wedding dress that should be addressed before getting into the variety of styles a girl can choose from to shine on that special day. The first myth is that such a wedding dress is plain, dull, ugly or uninspired. Nothing could be further from the truth than saying modesty equates to dull. 

Not all wedding dresses that are considered modest have long sleeves either. Although long sleeves are eminently practical for winter and can feature lace, puffing, stitching or pearls, there are shorter sleeved varieties that can be made to suit the individual.

Another myth is that such a wedding dress is shapeless. Modesty doesn’t mean hiding the fact you are a woman, it does however mean that some things are left to the imagination.

Fitted dresses can be perfectly modest and yet beautifully tailored, accenting the best features without being too forward. Fitting a modest wedding dress means a bride’s best features are accented while those she considers less desirable can be downplayed. This works well for girls of almost every body type.

Lace, stitching, pearls or beading can play a large part in making a simple silk gown shine and letting a bride’s natural beauty shine through. The modest wedding dress doesn’t necessarily have to look as if your grandmother would have worn it (although there were some beautiful dresses made during that time).

Fashionable dresses and gowns can be created that can be timeless or trendy and still remain modest. While plunging necklines may be in fashion for some, even those can be incorporated into a modest dress by adding a lace insert. 

Strapless gowns make many girls uncomfortable, and there is no reason for a bride to be to feel forced to wear strapless gowns on that special day. There are alternatives to strapless wedding gowns such as adding lace sleeves or selecting from vintage gowns which are designed to be beautiful and yet to cover.

Whether a bride to be is just naturally modest, culturally influenced or her religion dictates modesty in apparel there is simply no reason she can’t be a beautiful bride with a correctly styled wedding dress. The bride to be searching for a modest wedding dress for any reason will find there is no limit to her choices.

She can be as stunning as any other bride and still be modest. Beads, pearls, elaborate stitching and of course timeless lace can adorn that special dress and provide just the right amount of glitter without crossing over into garish or bold.

Whatever a bride’s reasons for choosing a more modest wedding gown, the results can be memorable, dazzling and above all, comfortable for her to wear.

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