Gothic Style Wedding Dresses and You

The Gothic style wedding dresses give anything but a standard look, and embodies the style and personality of the bride wearing them.

While these wedding dresses borrow styles from many eras the ultimate effect is always unique to the bride.

The Elizabethan era influence on Gothic style dresses is evident in the numbers of these beautifully worked dresses which include a corset. This era accentuated a woman’s curves and a small waist was considered desirable.

The Gothic style has no standard look except for what the girl defines for herself. Colors are often bold and include plenty of black lace sometimes accentuated by white undergarments. Although the Victorian era valued the pale look as more aesthetically pleasing and aristocratic, the Gothic wedding dress usually includes a lot of black lace or black and white to accentuate the contrasts.

A red over-skirt showing a panel of black and white patterned lace or silk topped by a red laced corset giving her the perfect wasp waist to complete the wedding dress might be the choice of a fashion forward girl who enjoys making her own style statement and who enjoys making a bold statement with her clothing.

The Gothic look is a combination of styles from various eras and put together in a way that fits the individual. Perhaps the best statement of the standard Goth look is that there is no standard look. Black clothing is favored, but red and black and any other combination may do just as well for some brides.

Gothic wedding dresses translate that free thinking, bold and yet fashion conscious look in a variety of ways that can express the bride’s individuality better than a traditionally styled wedding dresses.

While Gothic wedding dresses may well feature a long full hoop skirts or a sweeping skirt, they can also be form fitting. The beauty of the Gothic styled wedding dresses is that that the dress can borrow from one era or many eras. A dress might combine the sultry and figure accentuating corset look with the bell skirt or a clingy velvet skirt from another era.

There are some things a girl contemplating her own Gothic wedding dress might expect. Black and white is very popular but not mandatory look for the Gothic style wedding dress. Yards and yards of lace are very typical for the veil and not just any lace but highly detailed lace sometimes featuring red or white or black threadwork for contrast although black lace might be considered a standard if there were one, veils come in almost any color.

While a corset is often found in Gothic style wedding dresses because it can be as modest or bold as the bride feels suits her personality. While a daring look may be perfect for some brides, others may choose to add a little ruffle or lace to cover their bust-line a bit more.

Decorated bodices may well be the preference of the girl choosing a Gothic style wedding dress. If a bodice is present it is usually intricately stitched sometimes covered in delicate lace and other times contrasting threads may highlight the designs. 

Again the most usual look in a Gothic style wedding dress is the one that suits the color preferences and the personality of the bride. Very frequently the accentuated waist is the purpose of using either bodice or corset with a Gothic styled wedding gown.

Although certainly not what most would consider traditional, the Gothic style dress can be found in a number of styles which just like the traditional wedding dresses may be chosen to flatter the bride’s figure, accentuate her complexion or highlight her pale color as was considered the height of fashion in the Victorian era.

Nothing about a Gothic style wedding dress is standard or typical. Each Gothic style wedding gown reflects the passion and fashion of the bride wearing it; from the voluminous and incredibly beautiful veils in black or red, to the hooped or bell skirts nothing is tame or totally traditional.

Whether a bold and frankly sexual look is a bride’s signature style or a mysterious and ethereal look is her aim; Gothic style wedding dresses can serve to proclaim her individuality on this most special of occasions.

Not every girl can carry off the Gothic wedding dress and not every girl wants to, but for those who do it is an amazing way to make a fashion statement and dazzle her new husband at the same time.

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