French Wedding Dresses Embody Romance

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French wedding dresses are chique. It's only natural to want your wedding to be as romantic as it can be. 

A magnificent gown will always set the stage, but remember that you'll want a wedding dress that enhances your natural beauty without compromising your personal sense of style.

Some wedding dresses of French design are on the cutting edge of high fashion, while others combine contemporary styles with a large dash of tradition.

However, no matter which wedding gown you decide to wear, it will represent your love and commitment to your groom.  The promise of a life filled with happiness lies concealed within your gown's beautiful, flowing folds, so you'll want the most exquisite dress you can find.

Wedding dresses are typically considered to be the pinnacle of any dress designer's creative abilities, and a wedding gown is almost certainly the most important, beautiful dress any woman will ever wear. 

The selection of the perfect wedding dress makes both the bride and the wedding itself be as beautiful as they can be.  The right wedding dress will perfectly complement and enhance the bride's appearance and personality, and the bride will complement and enhance the style and fabric of her dress.  Together, they make the perfect match.

French wedding dresses are designed, created and sold by a number of companies.  Leading the way down the aisle are some of France's most iconic, high profile fashion designers.  To name just a few, renowned French couturiers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Chanel all offer haute couture wedding dresses for women with discriminating tastes and the budgets to indulge them. 

Their gowns, of course, are truly magnificent, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford these sublime wedding dresses.  Luckily for brides around the world, many other designers also create stunning wedding dresses of French design.  These designers may not be household names in the same way as Chanel, Dior or YSL, but their gowns are beautiful and they aren't quite so ... haute. 

To put it bluntly, although these designers' wedding dresses aren't cheap, their price tags certainly are more reasonable than those of the world-famous Parisian couturiers.

For example, many years ago, three French sisters decided that the French fashion wedding dress industry was ripe for change.  They joined forces and began designing gowns as a family-run business under the name Cymbeline Paris.  Their design studio is located in Nemours, France, about 35 miles outside Paris. 

The location is close enough to Paris to allow the sisters to easily maintain a constant finger on Parisian high fashion's pulse, yet far enough away to prevent them from feeling shackled by traditional designs and ways of thinking.  These three enterprising women are brilliant dress designers, combining traditional high fashion with innovation. 

Every gown Cymbeline Paris creates is designed in a quaint, 17th-century windmill that has been converted into a modern design studio.  Talented young designers join Cymbeline Paris on an ongoing basis, and this continuous influx of new talent helps keep the company's gown collections fresh and up-to-date. 

Sold in almost 50 boutiques scattered around the globe, Cymbeline Paris gowns can be daring, traditional, demure or sexy, so they appeal to every type of modern bride.  Every year, brides throughout the world covet beautiful Cymbeline Paris wedding dresses because they are always so stylishly chic and unique. 

Taking a somewhat similar approach by blending romantic detailing with contemporary lines, 1.2.3 offers a chic yet affordable ready-to-wear collection of French wedding dresses.

Budget-minded fashionista brides appreciate the way this designer offers high fashion designs without the typically very high price.

Plenty of other designers also offer stylish, chic French wedding dresses. Paris is the fashion capital of the world and provides fashion inspiration to everyone, everywhere. French wedding dresses can be traditional and timeless or innovative and creative.

They can feature sleek, classically romantic lines or be inspired by a distinctive, innovative flair. No matter what type of design and fabric French wedding dresses feature, they embody romance and can fulfill any bride's dreams and desires for the perfect wedding day.

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