Fairytale Wedding Dresses Are For Real

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Fairytale wedding dresses? Many little girls dream of falling in love with Prince Charming when they grow up.  In their dreams, they marry their prince in a magical wedding celebration. 

In their minds' eye, their wedding will recreate the past's romantic age of chivalrous knights in shining armor and their beautiful damsels wearing shimmering, floor-length gowns.  Well, little girls do grow up, but when many of them get engaged, they find themselves still wanting that type of magical wedding. 

Naturally, nothing can make those brides' dreams come to life more vividly than wearing a fairytale wedding dress on their special day.  In fact, it's next to impossible to have fairytale weddings without the appropriate wedding dress setting the stage.

Whether you choose a modern design or a Celtic-inspired, medieval style for your wedding gown, the most important decision facing any bride is finding the perfect dress.  The right gown will add even more romance to your wedding, and it will make you into a fairy princess for the day, just like Snow White or Cinderella. 

Nothing conjures up an aura of magical, mystical romance quite as well as an exquisite wedding dress that seems to float through the air as it swirls elegantly around your body.

So, it you want to be a princess at your wedding, choose one of the wedding dresses that are made of the finest quality satin, organza, chiffon, silk, charmeuse, velvet or tulle.  Any of these magnificent fabrics can be embellished with your choice of Chantilly lace, crystals, ribbons, beads, pearls or embroidery. 

Don't choose a heavy fabric that will weigh down your wedding dress.  Instead, you'll want something lighter, so your gown can flow and swirl as you walk down the aisle.  You'll also want a fabric that gives your gown some depth and shine.  Chiffon and lace are a classic combination for fairytale wedding dresses, but there are plenty of other combinations to choose from. 

Each type of fabric that can be used to make fairytale wedding dresses has its own advantages.  For example, crushed velvet reflects light unevenly.  The way it shimmers can make it seem like you and your groom belong in a medieval castle - a fairy tale come true. 

If your ceremony will be held outdoors, you might prefer a more durable fabric for your gown than ethereal chiffon.  Velvet has the twin advantages of being not only durable but easy to clean.

Make sure you choose the right fabric for the time of the year.  For example, although velvet can be ideal for a winter wedding's chill and it will give your dress a rich, royal look with a great deal of depth, it will be probably be far too hot if your wedding is held during a summer month. 

Satin silk, on the other hand, is light and cool, making it the perfect choice for fairytale wedding dresses for summer weddings.  It also gives your gown a pure, pristine, simple look.

You'll want your gown to be magical, just like your wedding.  Stunning embellishments can furnish just the right detail and provide exquisite results.  For example, the fabric you choose can be significantly enhanced by the addition of beautiful, flowery lace. 

Hand-sewn pearl beading adds a beautiful, elegant touch.  An intricate design using crystals, sequins or glass beads or pearls will give your gown a magical, sparkling glitter.

When you're selecting your gown, remember that you can have support for your breasts sewn directly into the bodice.  This option provides a comfortable way to avoid wearing a bra and permits you to easily wear an off the shoulder wedding dress.  Fairytale wedding dresses can also be made with additional padding or with a push-up design to enhance your natural cleavage.

It's almost impossible to put on a beautiful wedding dress and not feel the magic it creates.

Brides who wear a fairytale wedding dress are literally transformed into real-life princesses. Their eye-catching gowns help them create and give life to the romantic fairy tale wedding of their dreams.

No fairy tale can be complete without the perfect dress, and Prince Charming is waiting at the end of the aisle.

Fairytale weddings dresses are the stuff dreams are made of, so go ahead and indulge your dreams by choosing one of the many magnificent fairytale wedding dresses you'll be able to find.

Wearing it will make your wedding an extraordinary, transcendent experience, and you'll be an elegant, stunning fairy tale bride.

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