Fairy Wedding Dresses

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Fairy wedding dresses is your style? For years you've loved the lore of fairies!  Why not wear a fairy wedding dress to conjure up the allure and romance connected to fairy legends?

If you've become familiar with these tales of magic and mystery-including even the stories of wicked fairies! -you know that your gown and wedding day décor are limited only by your imagination.

First, a few appeasements for those grand relatives who know relatively little about fairies:  You can point out to people like your grandmother and great aunts that everyone is familiar with Shakespeare's stylish Titania, the fairy queen of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare also wrote about Queen Mab, the fairy who granted people dreams of wish fulfillment in Romeo and Juliet.  What about the beautiful Arwen in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings?  And who can forget what Scottish playwright J.M. Barrie wrote about fairies in Peter Pan:  Whenever a baby laughs for the first time, a fairy is born. 

With all these examples of fairies, then, how will you choose just the right fairy wedding dress?   You will need something that speaks to your guests of mystical times, of the ages when chivalrous knights romanced beauteous maidens wearing shimmering medieval and even Renaissance gowns.  And you want something that will make you feel as beautiful and special as your day!

First and foremost, rest assured that you do not need to wear wings.  Although many artists depict fairies with wings, and in folklore some of the smallest fairies use wings to fly, most fairies use their magical dust-fairy dust-to travel from one place to the next.  That means you should sprinkle your hair liberally with powdery glitter on your wedding day.  Smooth it lavishly on your eyelids, cheeks, décolleté, and shoulders. 

To enhance your bust in a gown that hides little of the upper body, have padding to support your breasts sewn into the bodice.  You'll be giving a little boost to whatever Nature gave you, and you can choose a design without worrying about a bra.  Many fairy wedding gowns are sleeveless-because fairies love to have their arms free and exposed.  But if the weather prohibits, look for gowns with long, loose sleeves. 

Your dress itself will need to be full and flowing to give off the suggestion that it's floating around your body.  In most cases the fabrics utilized should be lightweight and yet carry a sheen that gives the gown both shine and depth. 

  • In the summer, opt for lightweight, gauzy materials. Taffeta with silk gauze overlays to look like flower petals-either white or done in pastels-will give you that ephemeral look you're seeking. Sequined gauze or crushed chiffon create a natural, airy look. You don't want anything too hot, especially if your dress has many layers.
  • Opt for a satin silk for a more lustrous, sophisticated appearance that's nevertheless young and fresh, and perfect for in-between weather. Or just imagine a dupioni silk gown with crepe overlays!
  • If your wedding day is taking place in cooler weather, consider brocade, velvet, or crushed velvet. Velvet is a fabric that's easily cleaned and yet looks both royal and medieval. A medium weight works well even in the winter, and it lends an opulent sheen to your wedding gown. Crushed velvet reflects the light in ways that will make your gown seem like it belongs in a castle. If you decide on brocade, try something such as Chinese silk brocade for a look both luminous and elegant.

The right headdress will complement your fairy wedding gown.  Many brides wear a wreath of flowers or leaves, with a drape of veil flowing down the back.  Or for full fairy effect try an opulent diadem decorated with beading, ribbons, and feathers. 

You can accentuate your gown with flowery lace, embedded with crystals and pearls, or use glass beads and rhinestones.  Entwine ribbons throughout the dress.  If your gown is plain, add any or all of these effects to your shawl. 

With fairytale wedding dresses, keep your makeup natural to authenticate the fairy look, with lots of pink and pastels.  If you're one of those who prefer the tales of the naughty fairies, you can go a little gothic on your wedding day.  Use darker makeup on your face, and maybe some painted vines along your cheek and forehead. 

Crown your short hair with flowers and bows.  If you have longer locks, weave ribbons into them, keeping it tousled and sexy.  Your bouquet should be loose-with lots of ribbons and lace, of course-with many types of flowers rather than a stylized bouquet that presents one major floral theme. 

For a look that coordinates with fairy wedding dresses, your groom can wear typical men's medieval wear such as a doublet or tunic shirt, plus pants or breeches.  The right accessories, such as a sword belt or a cloak, will complete the look for both of you on your fairy wedding day! 

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