Design a Wedding Dress and Be Unique

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Why design a wedding dress for yourself? Shopping wedding dresses can be difficult, especially for the bride who has a bridal dress in mind but can't find it anywhere.

After weeks of shopping online, going through every magazine she can find  or haunting local shops and although some are almost right, they lack the right skirt or the right sleeves or the right bodice, then she may start considering "settling" for a dress.

Settling is unacceptable for most brides on this perfect day. Having this visual of the ideal dress helps but if the right dress hasn't been made yet or you can't find it then the bride may want to consider designing her own wedding dress.

Designing a wedding gown though may be very simple if the bride knows what each component is called and can describe every detail of her wedding dress perfectly.

If she is a talented pattern maker then she probably can design her own gown and bring it to life in a pattern. However, some brides will choose to consult a seamstress or a wedding dress designer and explain their ideas clearly and then have it designed. 

Having someone else make the gown to exact specifications is easy in theory but will usually be expensive, possibly frustrating if the bride has not explained her ideas very clearly and it will be time consuming.

Before engaging someone to design and make the ideal wedding dress the bride should ensure she has allowed enough time for the execution of the design, the necessary fittings and possible re-fittings.

There are no bad options when it comes to getting the exactly right wedding dress for a bride but there are some options that are necessarily expensive and require a considerable amount of planning.

Do It Yourself

Other brides may choose to design and make their own dresses. Now this is probably a somewhat less limiting option and certainly more affordable than commissioning a custom designed wedding dress. However it too will take some time and pre-planning.

First, every detail of the wedding dress will require the personal attention of the designer who in this case is the bride. Although a bride may have an exact idea of how she wants the front of her dress to appear, what about the back?

During the traditional wedding ceremony, the bride will be standing facing the priest with her back to the guests. It is important that the back of the gown be as stunning as the front was designed to be.

Would a bow or ruffles in back enhance the dress? Would the style support a bustle or would a train in back be more appealing? The bride who is designing her own wedding dress must answer all those questions.  

Additionally unless the bride is able to make her own pattern she will usually want to find a pre-made wedding dress pattern that is very close to the style she has in mind.

Design a Wedding Dress by Existing Patterns

The advantages to wedding dress patterns are that each piece is designed to work and fit perfectly with every other piece. The flow of the gown and the way it hangs has been very carefully worked out. Minor changes can easily be made by a talented seamstress.

Many wedding gown patterns will also have multiple choices in sleeves to choose from as well as in detailing. The bride can choose the perfect material to go with her design and small details can be changed easily.

What should be considered though when you design a wedding dress is the time required. A modern bride is very often a working professional and the amount of time she has for complex sewing projects may be very limited.

Family members or friends may be able to take on this large a project but unless they are stay at home wives, or retired, extra time should be allowed to design a wedding dress that is uniquely you.

When a bride decides to design her own wedding dress she has to be willing to commit the time required to complete it successfully. It will require time to consult with the seamstress or designer and she may even be needed to provide pictures or drawings of her ideas in order to be sure they are executed perfectly.

The usual fittings or even extra ones may be required to adjust minor details on the wedding dress and this should be a factor that is considered in her timetable. However, despite the planning needed the design your own wedding dress option may be the right answer for some brides.

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