Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

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Casual beach wedding dresses have a lot more latitude for comfort as well as style than what is the usual formal wedding gown.

The casual wedding can be just as moving and just as beautiful for the couple exchanging vows as the formal wedding conducted in a chapel or more traditional setting.

While the beach wedding allows a couple to share their vows with friends and family with an ocean backdrop and gentle breezes the etiquette for guests as well as the bride’s own casual beach wedding dress changes at a beach wedding.

For instance; while normally guests wear more formal styles for indoor weddings and closed toed shoes and suits are the norm. On the other hand, the casual beach wedding may often encourage wearing shorts or khakis, sandals and even sunshades as appropriate.

The bride’s wedding dress is just as relaxed and she has a great deal of latitude in the particular style she likes. She should keep in mind the weather as well as the fact that beaches can be sandy.

Normally the beach wedding dress is softer more flowing and very frequently loosely fitted to allow for air flow and greater freedom of movement. As the bride walks down the aisle even low heels may catch in the sand, but most causal beach wedding dresses look great with sandals or some even suit the barefoot carefree look.

One of the major advantages of a casual beach wedding is that it can be as stress free as the beach is for the couple planning the wedding.

Booking a chapel or public facility for the wedding not only involves expense but stress as these facilities must be booked several months ahead of time. The casual beach wedding can be more impromptu and although still beautiful a lot less stressful on the budget and in the planning stages.

The casual beach wedding dress is normally less expensive than the undeniably beautiful, but stiffer and warmer traditional wedding gowns. Short dresses are perfectly acceptable at the casual beach wedding for both the bride and her bride’s maids.

In hot weather the loose and airy materials can be much more comfortable than a heavier traditional wedding gown. If the evenings are chill then adding a lace shawl to go with the casual beach wedding dress is no problem at all.

It is just as good an idea to abandon the heavy clothes for the beach wedding for the bride’s maids and men as it is for the bride. Heat may well be an issue on a sunny beach with a morning wedding, and walking on sand in heels may well be as problematic for the maids as it is for the bride.

A white short sleeve shirt to give that formal look to shorts or khakis may be chosen for the groomsmen. Shoes for the men might consist of sandals, flip flops or casual loafers without the sand collecting socks.

The casual beach wedding dress lives up to its name and emphasizes comfort in fit, fabric and styles far more than the traditional wedding gown. Although some girls actually dream of a beach wedding from the time they are small, others choose it for practical reasons or to commemorate the place they met or just to get a head start on their honeymoon.

If a long gown is the only dress for her wedding; then the bride can choose from a full selection of casual beach wedding dresses that still allow her freedom of movement and comfort on a hot sunny day at the beach.

Consider a light and airy material for the long gown of Georgette, organza, Swiss tulle, or charmeuse. These light materials can be fashioned into stunning gowns complete even with a sweeping train or a flowing skirt.  These casual wedding dresses are often white which is highly practical for hot weather wear.

The longer flowing wedding dress might feature capped sleeves in the chillier spring or fall months. However a matching shawl or coordinated bolero will often do the job just as well and complement the casual wedding dress perfectly.

A wedding can be a symbol of uniting and bonding and exchanging vows on the beach can be a wonderfully exotic way to commemorate the special day. The casual beach wedding dress can also give the bride the freedom to shine on that special day.

The beach is the ideal setting for almost any wedding if the bride and guests are all dressed appropriately and additionally a beach wedding can save a lot of money for both the bride and groom since a casual beach wedding dress is normally much less expensive than any other style.

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