Beach Casual Wedding Dress

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Looking for a beach casual wedding dress? You are the bride who wants nothing more on her wedding day than to stand beside her groom with the salty breath of the ocean on your faces and the pounding rhythm of the waves in your souls, in a dress that floats around you in the breeze.

You know with certainty that this is the place where you must be to swear your undying love, in front of Nature, God, and your witnesses.  Now the big question is, what will your beach casual wedding dress look like? 

That depends on exactly what kind of beach wedding you choose!  You and your groom can exchange vows on the precipice of a rocky cape-something like Cape Perpetua, on the coast of Oregon, where the ocean meets the forest. 

Or maybe you imagine yourselves standing in your beach casual wedding dress on the shores of a sandy beach not far from your hometown so that lots of your family and friends can be with you on your special day.

If money is no object, you can visit one of the top wedding venues in the world, the seaside resort in Lana'i City, Hawaii, a place bejeweled with tropical flowers and highlighted by turquoise waters. 

No matter what kind of beach casual wedding dress you're planning to wear, an outdoor setting calls for a more casual approach to your attire for the day.  Hopefully, you are going to have the sun shining on you...the soft, golden sands warming your toes...and a gentle breeze teasing your hair.  Keep those aims in mind as you make your choice:

  • Your beach casual wedding dress will need to be less structured and more free-flowing. You want something that can flow gently in the breeze. Your gown should work well with the aesthetic beauty of the natural environment.


  • Try on A-line styles or a flowing sheath beach casual wedding dress. Princess-style ball gowns just do not work well in this location. You'll feel miserable after the first half hour! Loosely fitting mermaid styles can be very effective! Or-how about a sarong?


  • Tea-length dresses-they generally reach the bottom of the calf-will keep your hem safe from sand or salt water. Petal or handkerchief hems look lovely!


  • Bead, pearl, and crystal embellishments do not work well. You will definitely notice their added weight in the outdoor air and be less comfortable. Trim your gown with lightweight thin ribbon edging or lace, instead.


  • Avoid some of the heavier, formal fabrics. They will become stiff and uncomfortable if they pick up salty sea spray. And they will look simply awkward on the beach.


  • A beach casual wedding dress will save you money over more expensive, formal gowns.

We've talked about avoiding stiffer fabrics. Which ones work well for beach wedding gowns?

  • Satin backed Crepe is lighter than other satins and offers a wonderful drape.


  • Charmeuse, often used for linings, is easy to wear, silky and shiny, and will retain its beauty all day long.


  • Many crepes are fashioned from versatile polyester, but they're associated more with overlays than with dress fabrics. Georgette crepes are pebbled but rather sheer; look for metallic crepes and jacquard crepes with very rich textures that work better for dresses.


  • For a truly casual but enchanting look and feel, pick something made from beautiful cotton batiste, a finely textured fabric that will look well by itself or layered with netting or eyelet.


  • Many couturiers are showing casual gowns made from jersey, a soft, flowing fabric with a bit of stretch in it. Imagine the bust encased in soft charmeuse ruching, with the jersey gown flowing down, impervious to the sands and water.


  • Damask is a little more formal looking but much lighter than brocade. It offers rich textures with floral and lacy swirls. You can even carry the pattern through on your linens and stationery!


  • No matter what fabric you choose, think about color. Instead of traditional white, opt for ivory or ecru, which look lovely against beach sands and waters. Turquoise and coral are wildly popular colors. Or go for a gown with a bright, tropical floral print!

Beach wedding headdresses are just as varied. Once you've chosen your dress and decided how to wear your hair, you can select anything from a full-length, lightweight tulle drape, to a tiara with a spray of netting, to a floral wreath. Look for hair combs with starfish on them.

And one last touch -no matter what kind of those gorgeous casual beach wedding dresses you've chosen- don't forget to tan ahead of time to tan ahead of time

You can get married on the beach no matter the season. Many seaside locations offer temperate climates all year round. In the summer, your gown can be sleeveless or strapless. Casual beach wedding gowns can even be halter-style.

And this is definitely one time of the year when you will want a looser fitting gown, so that you don't become overheated.

If you are exchanging vows in the autumn, opt for sleeves that are cap style or three-quarter-length, or you can include an attractive overlay as part of your gown.