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Hi, I thought you might like to learn a little about me, my name is Anne, and I studied Dress Design and Tailoring in my early twenties. I then went on to design for Wholesale Fashion houses for a number of years.

As my style and preferences evolved, I decided to open my own small Design studio, focusing on Special Occasion Dresses, Prom/ Debs and Wedding Dresses for individuals. All these dresses were bespoke. I loved this work and working with the fine fabrics, silks, satins and lace. 

How to created a bespoke Dress

How to create a bespoke wedding dress design.

The process involved:

A personal Consultation with you to discuss your ideas and concept for your perfect dress. This appointment gave the team an opportunity to learn about you and how you like to express yourself.  You need to take into account the nature of the occasion the venue and the time of year.  Our designer would also explain the different styles, and how they would look on your body shape.

Once all these things were established, Sketches were drawn for you to help you visualize your unique design. A Second meeting is arranged for you to refine your design and decide on extra details you may want to add.


When the style is decided, detailed body measurements are taken. (You must wear the undergarments and shoes of the same height that you will be wearing on the day, to get the correct measurements.) You had the opportunity to view a wide range of premium exquisite fabrics and laces that are best suited for the design style that you have chosen, than you make you choice of Fabric, laces and the other elements you want on your dress.  

Once you had confirmed the design, fabric, and the type and quantity of details, we than quote the estimated price

Using your body measurement, we than made the Toile, a calico mock-up of your design.

A fitting follows and any alterations were made to give the best fit, changes may also be made to the styling of the dress at this point. (undergarments and shoe height should be the same as when you were measured.)  

Fabric samples and samples of the beading or trims to be used and any special finishes that we have discussed will be available to view.

Once your creation is confirmed. Your dress will be then cut in your choice of fabric and sewn.

There is a further two fittings, one to confirm that everything is sitting as it should, the second usually to check hem length.  

We also offered a dressing service, for you on your big day.

During the years we provided this service, the team and I made hundreds of dresses of all shapes and sizes.

Button back dresses, lace-up back dresses. Wedding dress trimmed with hundreds of small roses. Dresses with large feature bows.

Gothic, Purple satin with an overlay of black lace. 1920 style flapper dress with scalloped hem in ivory lace.

Decorating the fantastic creations with beading, feathers and fringes, in all colours, all styles, with that extra flourish to make each one unique. 

More about me.

Well life moved on, and I moved away from designing and making the dresses myself, and taught others how to craft their own designs. But I missed the creativity, I missed talking dress designs and deciding styles and finishes. I missed the Clients and how their bespoke dresses made them look and feel.

Back in 2011, I started looking at the Idea of a Wedding Dress Website. I thought I'd take my experience online. For the last 10 years, along with my full-time job. I've been trying to see how this would work for you, and for me.

Finding the greatest wedding dress is both daunting and exciting.

I'd like to help you on your journey. From taking your measurements, the different fabrics and styles that might suit you. I will explore the best dresses online. And how they suit your different body types. Let me share my experience with you. Making sure you have the correct information in order to buy the best wedding dress for you. I’ll share reviews and the new style from designers around the world.  

Looking forward to helping you find the very best Wedding Dress.

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